H-local news sites

Here is a selection of Hyperlocal news sites from around the Globe (although things are a little Anglo Saxon at the moment!)…   I presently make no distinction between corporate and not-for-profit initiatives (I may do in future).  I am more interested in platforms that work, platforms that people choose to use. If I can figure out how to create a database in WordPress, I will develop this into something really useful (any advice here would be very welcome).


Americantowns – usa (more tea vicar?)
Backfence – usa (More steam.., more steam..)
Blogdigger – usa (beep..  beep..)
Everyblock – usa (Can you hear me major Tom?..)
Feedmap – usa (Aye aye me hearties)
Gothamist – usa (Full steam ahead..)
Hello Metro – usa and world (What a whopper!)
Hyperlocal.co.uk – uk (Lift off..)
Local People Network from Northcliffe – uk  (make it so..)
Localim – usa (Hit the brakes!!)
Metroblogging – usa (The Kracken wakes..)
Myneighbourhoods – uk (Vroom, vrooom..)
Neighborlogs – usa (Put the peddle to the metal..)
Outside in – usa (I canna hold it captain)
Placeblogger – usa (10-4 good buddy)
Spotted by Local – World (Hit the brakes..)
Streetsblog – usa (Its POSH)
Topix.net – usa (va, va, va voom..)
Townme – usa (Boom, boom)
WikiCity – usa (Braker, braker..10-4 plastic chicken)
Wikiworld – usa (Fit the slicks..)

Boston.com and Your Town – usa (Land ahoy..)
Fitzrolaty – aus (Stroke, stroke..)
Mycitysafari – usa (There she blows!!!)
Patch – usa (I’ll never hold it captain..)
SF Engage (part of  the Public Press) – usa (set for silent running..)
Ulitmate Clear Lake (part of chron.com) – usa (Hi ho Silver away…)
Yorkshire Evening Post – uk (That’s nowt lad!)

The Batavian – usa (What iceberg?)
Bristol247.com – uk (Aye, aye captain..)
Camden Kiwi – uk (Watch out for neutral..)
CapitalHillSeatlle – usa (iceberg off the starboard bow..)
CBS4Denver – usa (Canoe or punt?)
Cyberbougnat – Fr (un creme si vous plais..)
Le Daily Neuvieme – Fr (D’Accord mon capitan..)
iDaventry – uk (Set more sail..)
Gaillac Info – Fr (Bonjour mon amis)
Giga Granada – uas (better clean the points..)
GrossePointeToday.com – usa (Beam me up Scotty..)
HoyLakeJunction – uk (To boldy g0..)
Kings Cross Local Environment – uk (Choo, choo…)
Litchfield Blog – uk (A life on the ocean wave..)
Love Clapham – uk (I’ll be cox..)
London ES1 – uk (Make it so..)
Madison Park Blogger – uas (Pirates on the starbard bow)
Marylebone Blog – uk (Mind the gap…)
mymissourian – usa (Stroke, .. stroke..)
News 14 Carolina – usa (Way, hay, hay…)
Oakland Local – usa (Looking for 1st gear..)
Pegasus News – usa (There she blows..)
Portland Oregon Neighborhood Notes – usa (Go buddy GO!)
Preston Blog – uk (warp speed captain..)
Sheffield Forum – uk (90p to London Rd please..)
St Albans Blog – uk (Left hand down a bit..)
Street Hawker – uk (5, 4, 3, 2, 1…)
The Local (NYT) – usa  (Welcome aboard everyone..)
The Public Press – usa (ping… ping… ping…)
Valley Independent Sentinel – usa (It’s a ripetide..)
Urban 75 – uk (more coal in the boiler..)
Ventnor Blog – uk (I see no ships!..)
West Seattle blog – usa (All aboard..)
WV11 – uk (Load the harpoons…)

Livable Streets a project for re-envisioning cities and creating more sustainable urban environments
Regioo.fr a digg-like tool dedicated to news of the metropolitans regions of France..
In a nutshell – a directrory of UK local blogs from OJB.


Please add any more by comments (below) and I’ll add them.

  1. Hi

    Can I suggest my own hyperlocal site at http://www.hoylakejunction.com

    Hoylake, Wirral, UK is my hometown and I’m hopefully doing my bit to cover what’s going on!



  2. There’s also My Neighbourhoods in the UK:


  3. Flavien Plouzennec

    Cool list !
    And also…
    The Local (NYT) – USA (http://www.nytimes.com/marketing/thelocal/)
    Patch – USA (http://www.patch.com/)

  4. Here’s our site in Portland Oregon Neighborhood Notes.

  5. Thanks for thinking of all of us headed off to Digital Journalism Camp today. I’m leading the hyperlocal news discussion – you can follow along on Twitter at #journopdx or follow the live conference feed here: http://abrahamhyatt.com/conferencefeed.html. Things will get rolling about 9:30 a.m. Pacific time (3 hours after New York).

    Michelle Rafter
    WordCount: Freelancing in the Digital Age

  6. May I suggest adding my site, http://www.gigagranadahills.com which serves Granada Hills, California.

    L.J. Williamson

  7. Flavien Plouzennec

    A brillant local website in France :

  8. May I suggest too Le Daily Neuvième, a blog from the 9th arrondissement of Paris, France. Launched in october 2007.
    Thank you.

  9. In France, you have now “Regioo.fr” which is a first digg-like dedicated to news of the metropolitans Regions.

    The concept is new, it was launched in early August 😉

  10. Peuplade.fr, a french website for neighbourhoods.

  11. Here’s an all video hyperlocal site we launched in June 2009 http://www.GreenvilleHD.com .. will be providing mobile video once Flash 10.1 hits in the next few months

  12. II’d like you to consider Neighborhood Notes, a local news website in Portland Oregon, http://www.neighborhoodnotes.com. We’ve been in existance since 2004 reporting on all things Portland.

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