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Fron shovelware to scaperware

Scraperwiki are holding another event for info hackers, journalists and other interested parties in how to successfully build apps to find, collect and interpret freely available information on the web.  

It’s on Friday October 15th 2010 from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm at the MadLab, 36-40 Edge Street, M4 1HN Manchester and comes on the back of similar events in Birmingham and Liverpool.  Anyone interested in hyperlocal journalism could do worse than take the opportunity to familiarise themselves with these tools and techniques.


Behavioural targeting still gets ‘cool’ response

New Media Age reports that research that it has done shows that people are still pretty negative about behavioural targeting on websites.  This is a hard one for me, for whilst I am the first person to worry about over surveillance, I think this is bad news for hyper-local publishers who anticipate at least some of their revenue coming through advertising targeted this way.  I would assume that a number of ad networks intend to offer hyper-local publishers access to big campaigns if they are ‘plugged in’ to their system that guarantees them the ability to refine the communications to specific groups.  Revenue that otherwise they would have no access to.

Stick it in your hyperlocal pipe and…

pipesI can see a real future for the work of John Bounds who has done a great job in developing a Google pipes solution to deliver hyperlocal blogging from Birmingham as RSS feeds.  Thanks to John there is a really clear work through (with pictures) which I am sure even an idiot like me could follow – so I should give it a go.  I don’t know what John does, but I think he has a future authoring open learning materials!

The end of news websites? | Online Journalism Blog

Its always a pleasure to link through to Paul Bradshaws Online Journalism Blog.  This is a very interesting piece by Vadim Lavrusik on a range of exciting developments through NewsCloud which look well worth investigating.

As Vadim says,

“The End of News Websites.  The question is no longer just a hypothetical one. With increasing convergence between social media and traditional content, what is known as a traditional news website might not exist in the coming years.

Perhaps a revealing example is the creation of Facebook applications by a Seattle-based aggregator, NewsCloud, which received a grant from the Knight Foundation to study how young people receive their news through social networks”.

via  The end of news websites? | Online Journalism Blog.

The EveryBlock Blog

EveryBlock source code released

This could be  of real interest to any DIY’ers out there.

Posted June 30, 2009 by Adrian Holovaty

“Today’s a big day for us at EveryBlock. We’re making our source code available.

Over the past two years, EveryBlock has been funded by a grant from the Knight Foundation. The purpose of the grant was twofold: to launch this experiment in “microlocal” news, and to release the source code. Today, as our grant period comes to an end, we’re fulfilling that second purpose.”

via The EveryBlock Blog.