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London Neighbourhoods Online Unconference, some personal thoughts

Jason at Onionbagblog has done a very useful overview of the London Neighbourhoods Unconference at Ofcom last weekend.

I like Jason’s style and he gives the impression that a very informative and helpful event took place.  I am particularly interested in how this is going to map onto the developing localism agenda.


Peter Preston ‘cool’ on hyperlocal

Peter Preston’s column in The Observer today (below for convenience and here) mentions the new ‘Local People’ network from Associated Northcliffe Digital in rather less than glowing terms.  I always thought of him as pretty enthusiastic about hyperlocal iniatitives from the regional press. 


Small earthquake in Bideford

Shaun and Sean, both 19, have just bought themselves a mobile fish and chip van. Which was a main story on, one of the Daily Mail group’s 50 hyperlocal websites for the south-west. Over at, a couple of tourists got pulled out of the river eight days ago when their dinghy capsized.

Can you have a hyperlocal news site without anything you could call news on it, just local bits and blogs about the weather and links to butchers, bakers and estate agents? If you want Bideford news, go to the North Devon Gazette and find at least 97 chunks of it (including “North Devon Rotarians in conference with Archbishop Tutu and UN Secretary-General”). These are early days, but you can’t help noticing how little traffic flickers across these sites, and how inconsequential much of it feels.

Introducing Talk About Local

Talk about Local is a UGC start-up that has gained the backing of 4ip.  Its model of Citizen Journalism is very interesting and does seem to me have thought through a number of the issues e.g. skills, reach, etc.  I’ll be watching this closely to see how it pans out, but I wish them well.

4iP invests in Newspaper Club

This looks like another interesting developing in the online news/UGC environment from the folks at 4ip.  It will be intersting to see how it pans out.

And lo another 4iP investment to unveil. Newspaper Club is a tool to help people make their own newspapers using online content. The brainchild of Russell Davies, Ben Terrett and Tom Taylor, it allows users tag online content, collect and curate the stuff they want and turn it into a really good-looking printed product. The development kicked off earlier this month and you can read their amusing and alarmingly honest blog on progress so far. Great team, great idea, great business model.