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Hyperlocal urbanism – Changing the World One Block at a Time

I have come across a very interesting post on the ‘Project for Public Spaces’ website about the importance of neighborliness and building local social capital.

The post points out the contemporary contradiction of most people simultaneously being (for the first time), global and local citizens, as they say “The notion of the neighborhood as an important social institution might seem old-fashioned, like nostalgic memories of the corner soda fountain. Yet it’s actually as up-to-date as an internet café, where you find people communicating with New Zealand and Morocco at their laptops but also striking up conversations with someone at the next table.”

They go on, “The mark of the 21st century person is to have one foot stepping out into the world and another squarely planted in their community. Even as our intellectual and economic horizons expand, the local community is still where we lead our lives, where our toes touch the ground, where everybody knows our name. Being rooted in the neighborhood of your choice (which may be many times zones from the neighborhood where you grew up) offers not just comfort but a prime opportunity to make a difference in the world.”

And in terms of hyperlocal news, “Issues that seem overwhelming at the international or even municipal level can often be effectively tackled close to home. That’s because the people who live in a particular locale are the experts on that place, with the wisdom and commitment to get things done.”


Localharvest, a new resource for local living.

In the spirit of trying to link up different aspects of localism, hyperlocal activity and sustainability I’d like to recommend LocalHarvest.

As they say, “The best organic food is whats grown closest to you”, and that you can, ” Use our website to find farmers markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area” which sounds good to me.”

Hyperlocal news and hyperlocavores

hyperlocavoresOne of the very loose intellectual concepts that I am thinking about at the moment is the link between the developing locavore movement and hyperlocal news. 

Very simply I feel that more successful local living will depend to some extent or other on enhanced local knowledge and good local communications.  Two things that big economics have been largley uninterested in due to analogue economies of scale.  It also links to ideas about creating social capital and enhancing relational ties in networks. 

As such I was really interested to come across Liz McLellan’s blog, hyperlocavore.  Her blog  is not just a great resource for potential locavores (or even hyperlocavores), but provides an excellent starting point to explore my rough thinking about local activism and local knowledge.  I particularly liked ‘100 reseaons to be a hyperlocavore’.