Local TV, the ‘new’ consensus in the UK

One of the less publicised developments around local media at he moment  in the UK is the proposal by the Conservative party for the development of 80 local TV stations.

This proposals is a response to the dire state of the local newspaper market and is based on a report produced by Roger Parry, former Chairman of Johnston press.  This article in Paidcontent sums it up nicely.

What is really interesting is that if you look at the Independently Funded News Consortium (IFNC) Strategy being trialled at the moment by the existing government and look at this Tory strategy it would appear that there is now a political consensus in the UK by the two main parties that local TV is the future for local news in Britain (at least in some form or other)!

Exciting times indeed. And where I wonder does it leave that old warhorse, regional news?


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