Hyperlocal news and hyperlocavores

hyperlocavoresOne of the very loose intellectual concepts that I am thinking about at the moment is the link between the developing locavore movement and hyperlocal news. 

Very simply I feel that more successful local living will depend to some extent or other on enhanced local knowledge and good local communications.  Two things that big economics have been largley uninterested in due to analogue economies of scale.  It also links to ideas about creating social capital and enhancing relational ties in networks. 

As such I was really interested to come across Liz McLellan’s blog, hyperlocavore.  Her blog  is not just a great resource for potential locavores (or even hyperlocavores), but provides an excellent starting point to explore my rough thinking about local activism and local knowledge.  I particularly liked ‘100 reseaons to be a hyperlocavore’.


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  1. Hey! Thank you so much for the blog post!

    But you missed the most exciting part. I built hyperlocavore.com (not the blog but the social network) as a place for people to find and form yard sharing groups, neighborhood produces exchanges!
    It’s free, so I hope you will join and invite your friends!

    Take care,


    • Hi Liz,

      If you want to improve your visibility to a British audience you need to use the word ‘allotment’. That’s what we call a small piece of land (usually) provided by a local council that people use to grow food, keep some small animals and sometimes grow flowers as well. There is a real explosion of interest in them at the moment.

      Best wishes,

  2. Hey Andy!
    Very good point! It’s thrilling to see the idea take off! Wonder if Canadians use the term….



    • I’ll send you some pictures of some locals ones from my small town in Northern England when I get back from holiday.

  3. Daniel Morgenstern

    Hi folks, what in thw world is a locavore? Do you perhaps mean locaLvore? A locavore would be someone who eats crazy people.

    • Nice one. I love the idea that there is word for discerning zombies.. or for that matter fopr people who want to eat local food.


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