Hyperlocal video slamdown – YouTube and the BBC

There are two very interesting stories this week about hyperlocal video news that illustrate the opaque and unclear times we live in.

On one hand the BBC Trust has approved revised plans to enhance the BBC’s local TV and radio services in the regions and nations.  This originally included plans for new ‘hyper local’ video provision.  This now seems to have been kicked into the long grass and the new proposal appears to be about ‘beefing up’ existing ‘linear’ out put.  The original proposal came under intense pressure from the regional press in Britain as it was seen as unfair competition and would hamper their growing local video provision.

On the other hand YouTube has announced that it has created a new ‘News Near You’ feature – e.g. hyperlocal video news.  So in one swift move YouTube has delivered a platform for hyperlcoal video news that potentially has far greater reach than even the original BBC proposal and posses an even greater threat to the regional press.

Who would want to to be a big media exec or for that matter in charge of media policy?


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