Nichepapers; communities and the hyperlocal angle

Nichepapers – don’t you love it as soon as you read it? 

 Umair Haqu, in the Hardvard Business Review makes the point very well that despite the Internet being the first single global medium, niche markets are the logical future for news producers. 

His clear critique (I am paraphrasing wildy here!) of analogue news publishing models exposes the reality of a business based on media scarcity and massive classified advertising revenue and that the sort of journalism produced under this regime simply isn’t relevant any more.

He goes on to argue that , “Nichepapers are different because they have built a profound mastery of a tightly defined domain”, the ones he identifies are largely around communities of interest e.g finance, politics and entertainment, but I think they could just as easily be geographical. 

Whilst many local communities may not have the immediate financial attraction as the niche markets Umair identifies, I think the overriding principle is sound.

If you are the expert in your area, the source of high quality knowledge and information, the benchmark for your community or niche, you are pretty likely become the online ‘brand’ that they will use and rely on.


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