Hyperlocal and big media, reconcile to survive and thrive

chicagonbcNBC has launched a series of 10 city Web sites based on its NBC stations.  These include such places as Chicago and Los Angeles.  What is interesting is that this is described as being part of the ‘NBC Local Media’s hyperlocal brand strategy’.

I think this is an interesting example of the differing perspectives of what local or hyperlocal presently means.  For ‘big’ or broadcast media, hyperlocal usually means sub-regional or metropolitan (city sized), for the rest of us it means neighbourhood or parish. 

These are clearly very different concepts that have significant importance in terms of how people relate to them and identify with them.  One of the challenges is going to be reconciling these two positions, because in the long term big media will need to work with local UGC to survive and local advocates will need to work with big media to thrive.


BTW, I typed ‘bug media’ in the last sentence by mistake, I just thought you would like to know.

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  1. Agreed. Hard to consider a major metro “hyperlocal”. Sure, a neighborhood or an entire small town can be considered hyperlocal, but anything that attempts to cover an area w/ more than 100K people isn’t hyperlocal. Just my three cents. -pl

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