Consultation on sustainable, independent and impartial news in the Nations, locally and in the regions

There is an opportunity to add to the debate with government on the future of local news.

From the site:

The Digital Britain White Paper, published on 16 June 2009 made clear the Government’s commitment to audiences having choice of high quality, public service content.  It made a particular case for intervention to prevent a decline in the provision of news in the Nations, locally and in the regions.

The White Paper therefore set out proposals for introducing independently funded news consortia (IFNCs) that would provide news in the Nations, locally and in the regions (in the Channel 3 weekday schedule). Government intends to trial this proposal first on a pilot basis in Scotland, Wales and one English region, with national roll out from 2013.

The purpose of this consultation is to seek views on the proposal to provide top-up funding for news consortia through a contained, contestable element to be introduced to the next licence fee settlement in 2013 and on alternative sources of funding.

The principle of using licence fee monies in this way needs to be subject to a public debate and we welcome your comments on the consultation document.

The closing date for responses and submissions is 22 September 2009


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